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[Review] Raiden – Love Right Back

DJ Raiden is well known for his fantastic singles and killing collabs. After a long wait he is finally back with first mini-album, including a very impressive and interesting features.

I am very intrigued to listen to this release. The collaborations are a fascinating mix and I have no idea what to expect.

Let’s begin.

Love Right Back

Love Right Back‘ is first in this EP and also serves as the title track. Featuring NCT’s Taeil and the rapper lIlBOI, this R&B track has a lovely piano instrumentation and a cheerful and candid concept that just made me happy while listen to it.

This single is happiness from start to end, a lovely jingle. The music video follows this cute concept and it is adorable with beautiful aesthetics. Check it below.

Synth-pop takes over in ‘Side Effects‘ featuring (G)I-DLE’s MIYEON, this track is a total jam, lovely to listen to and with a great mix of EDM and instrumentals. The organ was a fantastic addition, and made this song very unique.

Probably the most interesting pairing is in the track ‘Golden‘ featuring WayV’s Xiaojun and pH-1. The grooviness of this single is on point. I LOVED how positive and wholesome this track is and the electric guitar solo for the outro was fantastic.

Acoustic guitar blends to perfection with Weki Meki’s CHOI YOOJUNG in the single ‘It Wasn’t Me‘, this dance track is absolutely charming and almost magical Its melody and vocals are really good and very well-balanced.

Closing this mini-album is ‘Karma‘ featuring Nino Lucarelli, this single has a more EDM style, and it is a very easy listen, definitely the type of single you would listen in the radio.

Raiden’s 1st mini-album was full of interesting surprises and a variety of genres. Make sure to listen to it here.

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