Photo Credits: WAKE ONE

JO YURI begins a new era with ‘GLASSY’

Former IZ*ONE member JO YURI, is back as a soloist with her first single album ‘GLASSY‘. In its MELON description this release is described as “visual storytelling”, wanting to show JO YURI’s “adult child side”.

Starting with the title song ‘GLASSY‘, this single album begins with a sweet pop sound that becomes playful with JO YURI’s singing. The music video is absolutely stunning, her visuals are no joke, and the special effects take the viewers to a fantasy land.

Check it below.

Express Moon‘ is next with powerful instrumentals and JO YURI’s splendid vocal power. This song is a warm and easy listen.

The last single on this release is the album exclusive ‘Autumn Box‘ with Lee Seok-hoon, and by its title we expect nothing but power vocals. Let us know what you thought of it when you listen to it.

JO YURI started off a new stage in her career, and we are thrilled to see what’s next for her. You can listen to this release here.

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