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[Review] ONF – Beautiful Shadow

The boys from ONF are back with their new mini-album ‘Beautiful Shadow’. We’re super stoked because ONF always delivers quality tracks! Let’s dive in!

Beautiful Shadow

We start off with the title track ‘Bye My Monster’. WOW! This is fantastic! After the first listen, I simply had to go over it from the beginning again, because it’s so elegant, well-produced and the visuals of the music video are stunning!

I’m obsesed with the classical music from Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2, III. Adagio which is so neatly blended with the classical violins. The flow of the track is wonderful and honestly this feels so fresh!

‘Aphrodite’ follows that up with one hella cool intro. We’re going for a completely different vibe! We’re going electronic and funky and I was ready to start dancing. This beat is insane.

Next up is ‘Breath, Haze & Shadow’ which gave me major emotional whiplash. We’re going full on ballad with this one and ONF has killer vocalists in their line-up, so this was gutwrenching. I enjoyed this part of the song description: “It tells the story of dreaming of hope for tomorrow despite the difficult reality, saying, ‘The sighs I breathe now, like the fog, will all clear tomorrow.'”

‘Chemical Type’ is a pop R&B track with some funky brass in the instrumentation, literally what is not to love? This is a lot of fun and when the piano comes in during the bridge I was already sold. This is adorable.

The closing track is ‘Slave to the rhythm’. We’re going for some great synth bass and a really cool build-up. This is such a vibe! I love it!

Overall ONF did a fantastic job with ‘Beautiful Shadow’. All of the tracks are strong enough to stand on its own and it was an absolute treat listening to it.

Go ahead and check it out on Spotify here.

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