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[Review] Moon Byul – Starlit of Muse

Moon Byul, the multifaceted artist from MAMAMOO, has once again graced us with her solo brilliance in ‘Starlit of Muse‘. Known for her ability to surprise with unique musical styles and captivating performances, Moon Byul’s latest release promises to be nothing short of exceptional.

Starlit of Muse

Starlit of Muse opens with the hip-hop-infused ‘Intro: WWUD (What would you do?)‘, setting the stage for what’s to come. The pre-released track ‘Think About‘ follows suit, showcasing playful melodies and acoustic sections that charm the listener from start to finish.

The title track ‘Think About‘ takes a funky turn, with Moon Byul’s signature vocals shining over a groovy tempo and nostalgic samples that add depth to the song. The music video complements the track with captivating choreography and visually stunning scenes.

R&B vibes take center stage in ‘Like A Fool‘, where Moon Byul delivers dreamy vocals against a backdrop of vibey synths and an irresistible sax solo. ‘Attention Seeker’ surprises with its rock-inspired instrumentation and angsty concept, adding a dynamic twist to the album.

Chill Hip-Hop moves along this release in ‘NOLTO‘ featuring Hanhae, this song goes on the more easy listen and vibey side, with this duo not only harmonising but also delivering some cool and soft verses.

Second Half

The second half of the album ventures into diverse sonic territories. ‘After Sunset‘ offers a heartfelt pop ballad experience, while ‘TIMELINE‘ infuses Moombahton beats, evoking summery vibes with a soft touch.

DARK ROMANCE‘ brings experimentation to the forefront with its mix of beats and tempo changes, showcasing Moon Byul’s versatility and creativity.

GOLD‘ brightens the mood with its pop tunes and lighthearted composition, followed by ‘Memories‘ featuring ONEWE, which channels heavy anime OST vibes with remarkable instrumentation.

The album concludes on an emotional note with ‘Without‘, a soulful ballad featuring beautiful acoustics and heartfelt vocals, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

In Starlit of Muse, Moon Byul delivers a masterful collection of tracks that showcase her incredible talent and artistry. Experience the magic of Moon Byul’s latest album here.

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