Photo Credits: RBW


MAMAMOO+ is back with their first mini-album ‘TWO RABBITS‘, just a couple of weeks ago Solar and Moonbyul dropped the pre-release single ‘Save Me’, surprising fans with a rather soft-ballad song, and beautiful singing.

Let’s dive into this mini-album and listen to which other surprises they have prepared for us.


Intro: Two Rabbits‘ kicks off this EP with Moonbyul and Solar introducing us to the incredible musical chemistry in a short but fun track. The title track ‘dangdang‘ is up next with catchy beats, a playful rhythm and an adorable style. Between the rhythmic rapping and charming vocals this single is the full package. A carefree song with a touch of camp and a dope flow.

As the song, the music video goes free, fun and carefree, with a mix of colours, contrasts and Moonbyul and Solar looking absolutely incredible in every second of it. Massive shoutout to the production teams, the yellow and blue set sequence is amazing and captivating. Watch it below.

I LIKE THIS‘ follows up with groove and a jazzy instrumentation. As expected they both delivered gold vocals and rapping, and left us absolutely speechless with the harmonies. This single only gets better and better with its orchestration, mixing, and genre mix. Definitely an incredible listen.

Starting with sea wave sounds ‘Starry Sea‘ adds the emotional touch to this mini-album with rhythmic and soft music. The little instrumental additions in the single were lovely and it made the full listen even more enjoyable. Last in this EP, is the pre-released single ‘Save Me‘, we already wrote about it, check it here.

Moonbyul and Solar totally killed it with this release, the music is them to the core, and the sound amazing. Listen to this non-skip release here.

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