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[Review] Kiss Goblin

For this week’s K-Drama review we are sharing an easy-to-watch web drama that’s short and sweet, and with a lot of fluff. Let’s talk about ‘Kiss Goblin’.

If you have been reading my reviews you might have noticed that I quite like folk stories, starting with ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ years ago and more recently having watched ‘The Tale of the Nine Tails’. This genre is full of interesting creatures, and more often than not amazing storylines that will keep viewers entertained. 

Starring Bae In Hyuk and Ban Sook and Jeon Hye Won as Oh Yeon Ah, ‘Kiss Goblin’ tells the story of Ban Sook. He’s a Goblin that has decided to become human but to do so he has to complete tasks given by the Goblin Queen.

The Goblin Queen (Lee Jung Min) assigns Ban Sook to learn human emotions by kissing ten different girls she chooses to represent different emotions. 

Learning to be Human

Ban Sook can easily accomplish his tasks as his powers allow him to attract his targets. Once he finishes learning the emotion, the person he’s kissed will forget him completely. 

However, using his powers and learning emotions from humans leaves a trail and Ban Sook needs to be careful to not meet the Exorcist, who’s only goal is to destroy the Goblin.

Ban Sook’s third target happens to be Oh Yeon Ah’s best friend, but she had seen him kiss his second target. Yeon Ah confronts him about two timing her best friend. They both keep meeting each other under unique circumstances and end up becoming close friends.

Falling for each other

Ban Sook moves in with Yeon Ah and she helps him with his tasks and protects him from the Exorcist. He becomes her emotional support when she struggles, and she helps him learn more about human emotions.

While all of this happens, both end up developing feelings for each other, but things take a turn when Ban Sook learns that his last target is Yeon Ah. But if he kisses her, they will both forget about each other. 

Kiss Goblin’ ended up being a cute and very enjoyable watch. Its uncomplicated and easy to watch plot flows fast, and the characters are likeable and unique. There is a bit of comedy and a lot of fluff and the acting is great and very engaging.

You can watch ‘Kiss Goblin’ on Viki, and make sure to watch the trailer below. 

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