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[Review] Kim Woo Seok – 2ND DESIRE [TASTY]

Kim Woo Seok is back with its second EP ‘2ND DESIRE [TASTY]‘. This time Woo Seok is showing a brighter and softer side in comparison to his previous release.

We are excited to see and listen to this new EP. Let’s check it out!


Soft vocalization and a chill pop tempo kick off this EP in ‘Tasty‘, the EDM incorporation in this track with instrumentals was a total trip. Woo Seok’s vocals are mellow and SO good. A great intro for this mini-album.

The title track ‘Sugar‘ is next with a mix of pop and R&B, with a touch of bubblegum pop that feels new and refreshing. I really like what they did with this title track, is a lot more lighter and cute and comparison to Woo Seok’s previous releases. It definitely shows a new side of him.

The music video as expected follows the vibe of the song with pastel colours, an overload of cuteness that feels like a sugar rush.

A synth melody takes over in ‘Better‘ and makes this song an experimental electronic pop song with a Eurovision vibe that I totally dig. It is very distinctive, and absolutely different from the rest of his discography. A very unexpected twist.

Holiday‘ is next with a more Latin inspired melody, the highlight in this song is its fabulous layering and Woo Seok’s vocalization, he does an amazing job delivering this song’s chill and cool vibe.

A guitar riff starts off ‘What are you up to tonight?‘ and changes the mood of this EP with its soft and absolutely beautiful melody. This is heart-warming and has the quality to become the OST of a romantic drama. Just stunning.

Next‘ closes this extended play on a darker side with a very impressive arrangement and leaves listeners wanting for more. This song is the unexpected twist of this release and I am here for it. An amazing outro track.

This release started off on the softer side, but it definitely surprised me its variety of sound. You can listen to Woo Seok’s EP here.

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