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[Review] Kim Jonghyeon – MERIDIEM

Kim Jonghyeon, former NU’EST member released his very first solo mini-album ‘MERIDIEM’. Let’s dive right in because I’m super curious!


We start off with ‘Intro (into the light)’. This is a very cool space intro that shoots us into the atmosphere.

Next up is ‘Blaze’. This is a dope Hip-Hop track with a trap beat and a groovy guitar added in the instrumentation. I liked the little drop sounds. Overall, this has a super lovely flow to it.

After that comes the title track ‘Light’. They wrote this in the album introduction: “It expresses Jonghyun’s aspiration to pursue freedom like light, and many fans are also the light that illuminates Jonghyun, so it contains the process of bringing those lights together to create harmony.” I think that’s absolutely adorable and a super sweet message.

‘décalcomanie‘ follows that and literally, Jonghyeon has such a low register! His rap vocal tone is incredibly low and warm. I loved the duality between MRCH’s high tone, mixed with Jonghyeon’s lower one. This track has a feature by singer MRCH. Go follow her on Instagram here.

Next up is ‘Creator’ which has a sick electric guitar in the instrumentation. This track is intense, raw and dramatic. It’s hip-hop meets rock and is an absolute vibe!I’m here for it. The little choir sample added was also pretty cool. I’m obsessed with this.

The closing track is ‘to.()’. This is a self-composed track by Jonghyeon and is a letter to the fans who are his light. It’s sweet, has a soft piano line and lovely vocals.

Overall, ‘MERIDIEM’ by Kim Jonghyeon is a solid solo debut. Go ahead and check it out on Spotify here.

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