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The girls from KEEMBO are back with their first full album ‘SCANDAL’. The two members BOA and Bohyung are former members of the girl group SPICA and debuted as KEEMBO in 2020. 


We start off with the remastered version of ‘THANK YOU, ANYWAY’. This was their debut song and honestly, what a fantastic start that was. The girls’ vocals are still so powerful in this. If you want to read the translated lyrics, you can find that here.

Here’s the video of their 2020 version.

Next up is ‘INSIDE’ which is their new title track. It’s a bit hard to combine both the sound of the song and the music video. The sound of the song is quite retro and a tad disco while in the music video they seem to be battling inner demons. The lyrics combine the two, so please do turn on your captions.

‘VOODOO’ follows that with a groovy intro. There’s a sweet, sweet bass throughout the entire track. The funky samples combine it all into a hella funky bop that is going straight into my playlist. 

Following that we get ‘REFLECTION’ which is Bohyung’s solo track. She can SING. This powerful ballad is quite frankly awesome and I desperately need to see a live version so I can feel all of my feels.

After that we get the 2021 remastered version of ‘99’. This happy-go-lucky song is a shot of serotonin. We wrote about the original version here

Here’s the original version: 

‘LOVE ME 4 ME’ follows that, together with ‘SCANDALOUS’. They’re also the remastered versions of the original 2020 releases. 

We also got a solo track by Boa. ‘BREAK ME’ gives us smooth acoustic guitar with her soft vocals. She participated in the writing and composing, which we love to see. 

The album gets closed off with the two remastered versions of ‘SCENE’ and ‘CLOUD9’.

Overall, ‘SCANDAL’ is a very solid album by KEEMBO. I do wish though, that there were more original songs on the album. 

Go ahead and listen to the album here

Ilse Van Den Heede
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