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[Review] GOT7 – Breath of Love: Last Piece

The boys from GOT7 are back with the brand new album ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’. Their pre-release song ‘Breath’ was released last week and we absolutely loved it. We are very excited about this album, let’s check out the music. 

Breath of Love: Last Piece 

The pre-release track ‘Breath’ is first on this release, and I absolutely loved what they did with this track, the vocals, the track, everything was fantastic and the music video is just top quality. Check it below. 

The title track ‘LAST PIECE’ starts off next with synth and EDM mixed. The vocals and rapping were super cool, and the music video is simple, yet stunning, check it below.

Co-written by Mark, ‘Born Ready’ plays next with a cool mix of futuristic synth and EDM. Overall this track is a very cool listen, and if you are into house music and alternative EDM this one is the one for you.

SPECIAL’ is next and it was co-written by Jackson. This track has a very steady flow with a pop/EDM flow. A very enjoyable listen and Jackson killed it with his English rap verse. 

With a softer tempo we get ‘WAVE’ co-written by Jinyoung. This song is absolutely stunning, the vocals and rapping are incredible, Jackson singing was a great surprise. Overall, this track has a very heartfelt tone that got me emotional. 

We continue with the soft EDM toned pop with ‘Waiting For You’. I liked the echoey vocals in this song, it was quite interesting to listen to. This song was co-written by BamBam.

Co- written by Yugyeom, ‘Thank You, Sorry’ changes to a more R&B inspired sound, and flows flawlessly from start to end. The instrumentation is on point and so is the members’ singing. This song is a must listen. I loved the falsettos and the electric guitar, absolutely stunning. 

With a more playful feel we get ‘1+1’, overall it has a very youthful and carefree feeling in it that makes it enjoyable.

I Mean It’ follows it up with the same vibe as the previous song but this time we get a bit more EDM in the track. This one is super cute, I loved the harmonization in the beginning and how playful the composition of this song is.

Closing this album is ‘We Are Young’, and this song feels like an end of concert track, the vocals are on point and everything about this song is just amazing.

Make sure to listen to this release here

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