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[Review] Jimin – FACE

The wait is over! BTS’ Jimin released his debut solo EP ‘FACE‘. Just a couple of weeks ago he teased this mini-album with the single ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’, and the expectations grew even higher when fans listened to the power and unique colour Jimin was going for for this release.

We are very curious to listen to what the BTS member has prepared. Let’s get right into it and enjoy the music.


With circus music fading into a very interesting beat, ‘Face-Off‘ begins this EP with a fascinating concept and a very strong sound that is rather mysterious but super cool. Jimin’s slightly auto-tuned singing was very unexpected and his rapping even more. The instrumentation and mixing in this track are just fantastic and a very solid start for this release.

Interlude : Dive‘ takes over with sentimental lo-fi beats, a lot of soul, and Jimin’s personal story turned into an auditive experience. This single is very pretty, unique, artistic, and brings out a part of him we haven’t heard before.

Moving onto the title track ‘Like Crazy‘ we get synth-pop and a sensual lyrical delivery. For this single Jimin plays off with his sex-appeal, and shows himself in a way we haven’t seen before. This song is a total bop, is groovy, soft and vibey, and the breathiness in the outro is to die for.

The music video follows-up on the sexiness of the song, with a lot of camera work focusing on expressions, the soul of the moment, and even its heat. This production is super artistic, pretty and capture the feeling of this track. Watch it below.

Alone‘ comes up next to add the acoustic/soft pop element into this release. The sound and flow in this song is beautiful. The little instrumental added into the beat and its flawless mixing make it an amazing listen. This just gets better with the back vocals and unexpected distorted seconds at the end of the sentence. The creativity behind this single is insane and incredible good.

Moving on we get the pre-released song ‘Set Me Free Pt.2‘, we already wrote about this power single, make sure to check it here. Closing this release is the English version of ‘Like Crazy‘.

Jimin, as we all expected did an incredible job with his first solo release. Everything about this release is impressive and shows off his unique colours and tone. Make sure to listen to this mini-album here.

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