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[Review] Jeong Sewoon – Where is my garden!

Jeong Sewoon is back to bless our eardrums with his new EP ‘Where is my garden!’. Let’s dive straight in!

Where is my garden!

We start off with the opening track ‘Garden’. This lovely pop acoustic track is a great way to start a summer album. It’s wholesome, feels intimate and fresh at the same time.

After that comes the title track ‘Roller Coaster’. We get a funky pop track. I really enjoyed the layering of the instrumentation. There’s some really cool bits in there. The brass is dope! Jeong Sewoon’s vocals are soft and get a bit jazzy at times. It’s fun and cute and definitely a winner.

After that we get ’10 minutes’. We go dreamy with the addition of some lovely synths. This has a very cute build up to the chorus and is a very easy listening track.

‘Book’ is a more minimalistic track according to the album description. I really dig the instrumentals. It’s a lot more electronic than we’re used to, but it’s fun, feels unique and is a straight-up vibe.

Next up is ‘Nerdy’. The guitar in this one is going off. The bass is excellent and creates a fun dynamic to the track. His vocals remain mostly soft and quite breathy.

The closing track is ‘Pull me down’ featuring indie artist The orchestral opening creates such a magnificent soundscape. It’s a groovy, jazzy Neo-soul track. The instrumental layering is insane and this is my favorite track on the album.’s voice blends so well with Sewoon’s. It’s such an effortlessly cool track.

Overall, ‘Where is my garden!’ is a lovely addition to the discography of Jeong Sewoon. Go ahead and listen to it here.

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