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[Review] J-hope – HOPE ON THE STREET Vol.1

J-hope is back with his new mini-album ‘HOPE ON THE STREET’. We’re super stoked about this release, so let’s dive right in!


We start off with ‘on the street’ (solo version) which is the new version of his track that featured J.Cole which was released last year. This is still as beautiful and as soulful as the first time I listened to it.

Next up we get ‘I wonder’ featuring Jungkook. We’re going electro funk on this one and it’s a major vibe. This is super lovely and I’m obsessed with the groovy guitar in the backing track.

‘lock / unlock’ features artists Benny Blanco and Nile Rodgers. We’re staying with the electro funk genre which means the transition was super smooth from the previous track. Overall this is just an incredibly vibey track.

After that comes ‘i don’t know’ featuring Yunjin from Le Sserafim. We’re going House with this one and I really enjoyed Yunjin’s soft vocals in this alongside j-hope’s.

Next up is the dance remix of his track ‘What if’ which was originally released on ‘Jack in the box’ in 2022.

Closing up is the old school hip-hop track ‘NEURON’ featuring icons Gaeko and Yoon Mi Rae. I’m going to obsess over this song like crazy, I just know it.

I liked the song’s description so here it is: “Through this song, J-Hope reflects on his roots and at the same time conveys his aspirations for a new start through the repeated lyrics “NEURON, NEW RUN” (my roots are a new start).”

Go listen to ‘HOPE ON THE STREET’ by J-hope on Spotify here.

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