[Review] Henry – JOURNEY

Former Super Junior-M’s member Henry is back and released his first independent EP after leaving SM in 2018. We all know Henry for the music genius he is, being able to play a few instruments and having incredible vocals. Let’s check this release.


RADIO’ begins this release and it is also the title track for this EP. This pop-ballad mixes synth with piano instrumental and the result is a heartwarming track that gets emotional with Henry’s passionate singing. The music video is beautiful, I really like the dreamy feel and how well planned the storyline is, check it below. 

pH-1 is featured in ‘HANDS UP’, this song is more R&B influenced with a touch of funk, and it is super groovy and fun to listen to. It is a joyful tune that blends Henry’s vocals and pH-1 melodic rapping fantastically. 

An electric guitar riff starts ‘RIGHT NOW’ and it goes on between Henry’s singing and synth. It is an interesting song that just by the tempo and flow I can tell it brings encouragement to the listeners. It just has a feeling in it. 

JUST BE ME’ is next with a melancholic melody and powerful lyrics. Henry’s high notes in this song feel extra emotional as if he was having a lightbulb moment where everything comes together to one thought ‘Imma Just Be Me.’ 

Featuring GRAY, Kim Go Eun, Park Na Rae, Joon Park, Jeon Hyun Moo, Jessi and Han Hye Jin, ‘COME OVER’ starts and it is a happy song that feels like a jamming session with friends, I absolutely love the fun and laid back concept of this song, the instrumentals are incredible and the full skit was just so wholesome.

Last on this release is the instrumental version of ‘RADIO’. This EP marks the start of a new era for Henry as an artist.

Make sure to check it out here.

Kathleen Herrera
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