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[Review] Ha Sung Woon – Sneakers

Ha Sung Woon is back with his new album ‘Sneakers’. This is his fifth mini-album and of the seven songs on it, he has writing and composing credits on five of them. If you want to check out our review about his previous comeback, you can click here.

Let’s dive in!


We start off with the track ‘On & On’. This has a very retro vibe to it with the synths and the movie-like opening. It’s a super smooth listen and is the perfect song to listen to while you’re on a road trip. That electric guitar in the back is dope!

Next up is the title track ‘Sneakers’. The concept behind the sneakers lies in Greek mythology. It’s a reference to Hermes, the messenger god. The song is super cheerful and a catchy bop. Ha Sung Woon really goes into his higher register and it creates this really fresh, pop feeling. It’s fun.

‘Why don’t you see a movie?’ follows that with a more laid back vibe. Ha Sung Woon really is the main character. We get great vocals and a chill beat. 

After that we get ‘Eeny Meeny Miny Moe’. The song is all about how to approach your crush. We’re going jazzy with the quite heavy snare beat. This feels like an excellent song for aspiring beatboxers to practice with. 

‘Don’t live me alone’ introduces us to lo-fi R&B. I really enjoyed how this track was mixed. The chorus brings some boldness to it which I liked as it keeps the song dynamic and interesting. This is probably one of my favorite tracks of this album.

Next up is ‘Bus’. The theremin-like sound in the back is really cool. The song feels quite sweet, but with Ha Sung Woon’s more husky and airy tone it doesn’t cross into cavity-inducing territory. It’s cute.

The last song on the album is ‘Starlight’. This is a wonderful ballad that was co-created by MonoTree. We get beautifully warm instrumentals and fabulous vocals. 

You can find ‘Sneakers’ by Ha Sung Woon on Spotify here.

Ilse Van Den Heede
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