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[Review] N.Flying – Man On The Moon

The boys from N.Flying are back with new music in their first full-length album ‘Man On The Moon’. Let’s dive in, because I’m expecting quality music. Seunghyub has writing and composing credits on every single song.

Man On The Moon

We start off with the banger that is ‘Moonshot’. This is such a great way to open an album. I am absolutely in love! The instrumentals go hard, the vocals even harder and the rap was super cool. The trumpets towards the end are just the cherry on top. 

‘Ask’ is a break-up song with many lingering doubts and feelings. The guitar in this gives me life. We go a bit softer, but it still packs a punch and is overall a great rock-ballad.

We follow that up with ‘Comma,’. I love the fluctuations in the vocals. It goes from soft to powerful and the instrumentals join that dialogue sound as well. 

‘Undo’ sounds like a total party anthem, but the lyrics are about a painful break-up. It’s quite the dichotomy, but if you just listen to the sound then it’s a total groove. The piano makes it super fun and almost satire-like.

Next up 

We’re getting some swagger in the song ‘You’. This is such a fun song! The ‘yah’ had me cackling and jumping along. It’s adorable and I’m living for this! 

‘Blue Scene’ is giving me some grooviness I was missing. Honestly, Seunghyub really keeps surprising me with his dope rap verses. The bridge is quality and the guitar shredding in the back is so, so lovely.

In the next song ‘Fate’ we get some heavier drums and a slightly more aggressive rock sound. It’s awesome. The little outro with the distortion is really cool.

‘Zip.’ follows that with a more R&B ballad-like feel. The song compares an empty heart to an empty house. It’s a beautiful song.

After that we get ‘To You’ with very twinkly additions in the instrumentation. I really dig the chanting in the bridge. 

‘Flashback’ is the last song on the album. It’s a rock-ballad that is absolutely stunning and gives you that heart-lifting feeling. It’s chock-full of nostalgia and will choke you up a little. 

‘Man On The Moon’ is really a no-skip album by N.Flying. Go ahead and listen to the album on Spotify here. If you want to check out our review for their previous release, click here.

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