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[Review] H1GHR Music – BLUE TAPE

The H1GHR Music Gang is back with a brand new compilation album and I am here for it. They released their first tape a couple of weeks ago and now they are back with a new one. Do they rest at all? Let’s wait no more and dive into the music because I’m sure it’ll be legendary. 


The album kicks off with ‘Champagne Diet’ with Jay Park, 28AV, Gemini and pH-1. From the very beginning we get a solid track, with a smooth delivery that feels influenced by 90s rap culture and I’m living for it.

Me&Bae’ by Sik-K, pH-1 and HAON follows with a more R&B sound. I loved how Sik-K’s signature enhanced vocals with autotune mixed with HAON’s and pH-1’s vocals sounded. It was such an interesting and very refreshing mix. 

Golden’s song ‘Selfish’ plays next and I am absolutely charmed by his vocals. This R&B track has a little touch of pop music and I was delighted to listen to this mix, his falsetto is incredible in this track and I absolutely loved the electronic end. 

Starting off strong with an incredible layering is ‘Last Song’ by pH-1, Jay Park and AUDREY NUNA. The rap flow of this track is fantastic and I loved the mixing. AUDREY’s vocals were an incredible addition to this track and definitely gave it a special touch with her delivery of her rap verses. 

Sik-K opens up ‘Back From 0’ and teams up with pH-1, Woodie Gochild and HAON for the rest of the track. This song has overall a very chill vibe and it is a listen that will have you groove.

LIVE’ by BIG Naughty starts with an acoustic guitar and this song progresses between killer rapping and breathtaking vocals. An absolute gem to listen to.

Woodie Gochild, TRADE L and Sik-K are featured in ‘Lean on Me’ and as expected this track flows flawlessly with an amazing delivery and a very cool rhythm. 

The title track ‘Oscar’ plays next with pH-1, Golden, BIG Naughty and Jay Park’s vocals, and what a freaking legendary line-up. From one side we get the very much charming and breathtaking vocals of Golden mixed with Jay Park’s, and the very cool verse delivery of pH-1 and BIG Naughty on top of a EDM/R&B inspired track. Can it get any better?

Watch the music video below.

We get a touch of old school sound in ‘Afternoon’ by Jay Park, Golden and pH-1. The layering of this track felt a lot like a 80s/90s pop music with a modern touch.

Jay Park, Ted Park, Woodie Gochild and BIG Naughty perform the next song ‘End Of The Night’, and this song feels a lot like a Jay Park song. The instrumentation is top quality, and feels kinda jazzy and as expected the harmonization and mix of different vocals is fantastic.  

Gotta Go’ by Sik-K, Golden, pH-1 and Jay Park starts off with fire delivery by Sik-K. From all the units in this album, this one is my favourite. There is something about their vocals and delivery that just works majestically, they just complement each other extremely well. 

The music video for this track was released a few days ago, check it down below.

We are nearing the end of this solid album with ‘RSVP Remix’ by Sik-K, big Naughty, TRADE L and Woodie Gochild. This song is nothing but quality rapping and a lot of swag in just a bit over four minutes.

Phe Reds and Cha Cha Malone are next with the track ‘Swing My Way’ and what a fantastic listen. This track is smooth, with soft R&B vocals a very groovy rhythm and a lot of feeling in it.

This incredible album marks its end with the single ‘Toast’ by my now favourite unit in H1GHR Music. And what a way to close this album, this song is fantastic and truly feels like a clean end for one of the best albums I have listened to, everything in it is clean and smooth.

Make sure to listen to this release below, it is a non-skip one.

Ilse Van Den Heede
A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole.