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[Review] TRADE L – Time Table – The Trip

H1GHR MUSIC’s youngest member dropped his very first solo EP. TRADE L has had a fantastic year, he became the winner of ‘High School Rapper 4’ and many were looking forward to his music since he was introduced to the public last year through H1GHR MUSIC’s ‘Red Tape‘ and ‘Blue Tape‘.

Time Table – The Trip‘ is the title of this EP and includes some very interesting features. Let’s get right into the music.

Time Table – The Trip

Spanish guitar kicks off this EP in ‘Gotham‘. The mix between the instrumentation and the beats in this track are super cool, TRADE L’s rapping as expected is top notch with a solid flow and clean delivery.

The first title tracks features GARY, ‘Direction‘ has a more R&B style and a very chill and effortlessly good tempo. The addition of the jazzy saxophone was spot on and definitely added something special to this single.

I Hate U‘ follows up featuring JAMIE, the lo-fi piano riff in this track is fantastic and I loved the rap delivery and flow. As expected JAMIE’s vocals killed it and made this song even smoother.

We go onto the second title track ‘Tango‘ featuring CAMO and Ourealgoat. This song includes the very trendy hip-hop beat with slightly autotuned vocals, fast delivery and a rather chill and cool tempo. Check the live performance below.

Linger On‘ featuring Skinny Brown follows up and this track goes off. I really liked the beat build up and how well they complement each other’s rap delivery. The instrumentation in the bridge really adds a special touch in the song and makes it emotional.

Last on this EP is ‘Light Out‘, this outro blew me away with its layering, flow and style. It is SUPER GOOD and TRADE L’s raw rapping is amazing in this track. He really went for a memorable end for his first EP.

You can listen to this release here.

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