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[Review] (G)I-dle – I burn

The girls from (G)I-dle are back with their new EP ‘I Burn’, as usual Soyeon was heavily involved in the production and lyrics of this extended play. However, for this release the members Minnie and Yuki were also involved in the writing and composing.

Let’s listen to this release.

I burn

Overpowering instrumentals begin ‘HANN (Alone in winter)’, the flow of this track is like a storytelling, the tones and flow are stunning, and the member of (G)I-dle went off with the vocal. What an intro.

The title track ‘HWAA’ is next, and we get singer Soyeon in this song and it is a lovely surprise. This song definitely has the impactful vibe that their title tracks normally have, well balanced and fantastic vocals, with a layering that is enjoyable and musically diverse.

The music video for this song comes straight from a fairytale, the visuals are not a joke. The production is splendid and visually stunning. Check it below. 

Minnie’s vocals begin ‘MOON’; this track has a very interesting layering, most of the song is driven by synth however the addition of electric guitar was a surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is completely different to what they have released before. Just amazing.

Summer vibes take over in ‘Where is love’ and I can feel the heat already. The EDM is just out of this world, this track has all the qualities to be played in a festival. A bop to hype up. 

LOST’ is next and I am loving Yuqi’s vocals in this track. Soyeon’s rap was super dope, and overall this track is super enjoyable, the hook is catchy and memorable.

Last on this EP is ‘DAHLIA’, this pop song also has that summer feel to it, it is refreshing and a lovely end for this very solid mini-album.

Make sure to listen to this release here

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