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[Review] VICTON – VOICE: The future is now

VICTON is back with their 1st full-length album since their debut in 2016. ‘VOICE: The future is now’ is the name of this release. 

This album is fairly long so let’s check the music out right away.

VOICE: The future is now 

The album starts off with ‘Into The Mirror’, this track is rich in bass and EDM with a small addition of instrumentals that was very interesting and enjoyable, a really good opening for this release.

The title track ‘What I Said’ is next with a Latin trap inspired track and a catchy and very cool flow. The rapping in this song was insanely good, and absolute bop! The music video is as cool as the track and shows some very outstanding visuals. Check it below.

Fine melodies and dreamy vocals follow with ‘Circle’, this song kinda felt like an early 2000s pop-rock song and I loved what they did with its arrangement. Overall, a very smooth listen.

Guitar riffs and EDM take over in ‘Chess’. The harmonization in this track was just awesome with absolutely rich vocals and an amazing delivery of verses. The voices of the members were top notch and the airy feel in some parts was extremely well done. A total bop!

R&B vibes start off ‘Up To You’, as its predecessor, this track shows off some great vocals joined with an almost electro-pop track that was rather interesting to listen to. 

All Day’ plays with a mix of acoustic guitar and electronic beats, the melodic rapping in this song was super cool. I would absolutely love to listen to an entirely acoustic version of this track, I am sure it would be absolutely stunning.

Vocals take over in Seungsik’s solo track ‘Carry on’, this pop-ballad has some incredible vocalisation and absolutely shows off what an amazing vocalist he is. Heochan’s solo ‘Eyes on you’ follows with bass and electronic beats taking over and blending with his vocals. The outro is super cool and it feels like an open ending with a very interesting mixing choice.

We continue on with the solo tracks with Sejun’s ‘Utopia’. This track feels like a summer release and I am loving it. Hanse’s track ‘Where is Love?’ is next with melodic rapping and an instrumental accompaniment, there is a certain darkness and emotional delivery that is able to absorb listeners. What a piece. 

With an up-beat tempo ‘Unpredictable’ plays, this song had me jamming to it from the very beginning till the end, is a fun and very dynamic listen.

Flip A Coin’ is next and it goes hard, the rapping is insane and the highlight of this super energetic track, a must listen if you are into upbeat and ultra cool tracks.

Closing this album is ‘We Stay’, an up-beat pop song, with an uplifting feel to it, perfect to close this album.

Overall, VICTON’s first album was diverse in sound and styles.The boys helped write some of the songs and we love to see it! Make sure to check out their Spotify profile here.

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