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[Review] (G)I-DLE – 2

The girls from (G)I-DLE are back with their new album ‘2’. We’re super stoked so let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the title track ‘Super Lady’. This is a power anthem for all of the ladies! It’s super cool and will have you hyped up after listening to it. The beat goes hard and I’m really enjoying the high power vocals. The visuals of the music video are wild! Soyeon as always did a fantastic job.

‘Revenge’ starts with a noir film vibe. We’re getting grungy guitars and a dark ambience. The ‘la la la’s from the outro are fun! Soyeon wrote the lyrics for this one.

Next up is ‘Doll’ which was co-written by Yuqi. This dark sound fits the group to a T and I’m really hoping to see this live one day.

‘Vision’ is a creation of Miyeon and Minnie. This is dreamy and synth pop-y. I’m really enjoying the layering here and the softer vocals.

Following that is ‘7Days’ is a softer drum&bass track with warm guitars and even warmer vocals. Minnie co-wrote this one and really created a lovely track with a warm touch and a great hook.

‘Fate’ starts on a groovy note. This kind of reminded me of J-pop and I’m really digging it. It’s groovy, has a great momentum and I love how they play with the rhythm and the pace.

‘Rollie’ is a straight up banger! I’m getting exotic, confident mob lady with this one. It’s a total vibe and I love the lackadaisical delivery of the lyrics.

The closing track is ‘Wife’ which was pre-released. It’s still a bop and I’m obsessed with it.

That was it for ‘2’ by (G)I-DLE. You can listen to the album here.

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