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[Review] EXO – EXIST

After two years of wait, EXO is back with new music. ‘EXIST‘ is their 7th album, the title of these release is the condensed version of the message “EXO exist in every moment“, and we are looking forward to listen to what they have prepared for us.

The dropped the pre-release single ‘Let Me In’ and ‘Hear Me Out’, and the expectations are high with this album, we absolutely loved both singles and their EXO factor.

Let get right into the music and check what they have prepared.


We get right into the title track ‘Cream Soda‘ and EXO did not come to play with this single. The falsettos, vocals and full flow in this single is incredible from start to end. All the ad-libs and constant highlight in this single make it addictive, fun, and fresh. Just EXO at its best.

For the music video EXO goes classy and party mode with incredible visuals, and tight dance performance, and all of them looking absolutely stunning. Be amazed and watch it below.

808 beats and synth take over in ‘Regret It‘ starting off strong with Chanyeol’s rapping, and transitioning into a R&B-pop tempo with a lot of groove and great instrumentals. This single flows flawlessly and the sectioning is just DOPE.

The pre-release single ‘Hear Me Out‘ follows-up, we already wrote about this single here, and you can check the MV below.

Next up is ‘Private Party‘ with bass, piano, synth and surprising instrumental additions that make this song a total trip to listen to. The constant changes in beat and tempo in this single add constant surprise element as it plays, and it just never stops. Total *Chef’s kiss.

Cinderella‘ follows along with a synth-pop arrangement, amazing ad-libs, and Sehun vibing with his rapping verses. The harmonies in this single are incredible, and the vocal line just kills it in every minute. Things take an R&B turn with ‘No Makeup‘, and we get a total vocal show off with this single, the full tempo and flow of this track is sexy and smooth, the back vocals are insane.

With a more up-beat R&B tempo we get ‘Love Fool‘, and get ready to vibe to this single and its catchiness. D.O and Baekhyun totally kill it in the bridge and I loved the transitions in between sections.

Another Day‘ takes over with a slightly more alternative style and a fascinating, groovy and unique composition. This single is super cool, and the vocal effects added made it a very interesting listen.

The last single in this album is the pre-released track, ‘Let Me In‘ ending it with a soft touch and glorious singing. Check our review of this single here, and watch the music video below.

EXO as expected did not disappoint with this comeback, they are a household name and proved once again with their talent. Listen to this release here.

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