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[Review] EVNNE – Target: ME

There’s a new boygroup on the horizon! EVNNE, or Evening’s Newest Etoiles officially debuted today with their mini-album ‘Target: ME’. Let’s take a closer look!

Target: ME

We start off strong with the title track ‘TROUBLE’. For a debut title track this is SICK! The beats, the swagger, the almost completely instrumental chorus are all super dope. According to the album introduction this is a Baltimore Club genre track and it feels super fresh.

‘Role Model’ comes up next and this is a hip-hop based track with a lot of oldschool elements. I’m really digging the instrumentals in this one and the rap seamlessly slides into the vocal parts. The transitions are super smooth and honestly this is really well done.

‘Pretty Thing’ immediately grabs your attention because of it’s opening. We’re blending hipp-hop with synth pop and the dissonance during the chorus took some getting used to but it’s kind of addicting.

After that comes ‘Your Text’ which brings some R&B to the mix. This has more of an acoustic sound and has some really lovely harmonies. You really get to hear their vocal chops in this one.

‘JUKEBOX’ goes retro funk and it’s a party. The instrumentals are a lot of fun. I liked the glass sample. The chorus is catchy and begs you to sing along. The bridge is smooth as hell.

EVNNE closes the album off with the track ‘Even More’ which, as tradition demands, is a ballad. I enjoyed the synths added in the instrumentation and the more powerful instrumentation after the first verse.

Overall EVNNE did a fantastic job with ‘Target: ME’. Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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