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[Review] Eric Nam – House on a Hill

Eric Nam is back with his new full-length album ‘House on a Hill’. Let’s take a closer look!

House on a Hill

We start off with the pre-released tracks ‘House on a Hill‘ and ‘Don’t Leave Yet‘.

Then we get the title track ‘Only for a moment’. This is a really lovely pop track with an addictive beat and Eric Nam’s buttery soft vocals. This romantic song will become a fan favorite.

The music video is beautifully shot and is filled with meaning and stylistic shots.

‘I wish it wasn’t me’ follows that with a gutwrenching track with a lot of vulnerability. The piano with the soft whisper vocals and the raw lyrics had me process for a bit.

“Listen a symphony of sadness
Playing softly in the corners of my mind
See I’m building these walls of validation
Too high for me to even climb”

Next up is ‘undefined’. This is a cool pop R&B track with a really cool instrumentation. The synths are a really nice touch and I’m really digging this overall vibe.

‘Sink or Swim’ brings some of that 80s retro. It’s a cool moment and with the spacey synths and the tight beat it creates a very cool ambience.

Next up is ‘Exist’. I absolutely adored the piano in this with the little vocal runs. There’s some really great play with the pauses and intensity. It’s lovely!

The closing track is the pre-released ‘House on a Hill’ featuring Em Beihold.

Go ahead and listen to ‘House on a Hill’ by Eric Nam on Spotify here.

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