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[Review] EPEX – Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 2. ‘Can We Surrender?’

EPEX is back with the final chapter of their ‘Prelude of Anxiety’ era. This era has been running since their debut back in 2021, and has shown fans different sides and sound of this group throughout the different EPs.

The concept of this EP deals with the feeling of frustration and fear, and the hope that comes after turbulent times. Let’s listen to what this group has prepared.

Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 2. ‘Can We Surrender?’

Electric guitar riff, and a interesting arrangement kicks off this release in ‘Surrender‘. The overall progression and hip-hop style of this single is cool, and the back vocals and chanting definitely add a angsty touch. This single is followed up by the title track ‘FULL METAL JACKET‘, a hybrid single including EDM, Pop, and a touch of rock. The electric guitar in this single is totally flawless, and it only gets better with the sectioning and power rap delivery and vocals.

The full layering in this song is one of a kind, and it goes off full metal core in its outro. Totally legendary. For the music video we get a mix of amazing dance sequences and the storyline of a group of friend trying to break break from the oppressing environment they are in.Watch it below.

Bass, EDM and Hip-Hop take over in ‘Hit The Wall‘, this song bring a mysterious and rather dark vibe, with a lot of chanting to hype up listeners. The beat drops the ad-libs are super dope, and the rap-line totally ate their verses. This release reaches it end with ‘No Roof‘ and its insane composition, this single is a lot more hip-hop driven, with amazing sectioning, and beat drops that had us vibing.

With this EP, EPEX went all in with a rather edgy concept, this release was consistent in surprising with every single track. Definitely an amazing listen you shouldn’t miss. Check it here.