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[Review] EL7Z UP – 7+UP

The fans spoke and MNET’s project group EL7Z UP is finally debuting in a record time. It has been a month since this survival show aired its last episode and Hwiseo, Nana, Kei, Yeorueum, Yeonhee, Yuki and Yeeun are here with their first mini-bum ‘7+UP‘.

Let’s dive into the music.


This mini album opens with ‘Die for You‘ a synth-pop single with a lovely melody and a touch of city-pop I absolutely loved. The vocals as expected are fantastic and smooth, and this single is one flawless opening single.

The title track ‘CHEEKY‘ comes up with a powerful bass and dope beat transitions. The addition of instrumentals in this song is really cool, and the rapping sections have a super interesting arrangement. Overall this title track is catchy, fun and one of a kind.

In the music video we not only get colourful shots, but also flawless dance sequences that are super eye catchy. The solo shots of the members are super pretty and they certainly shine throughout this full production. Watch it below.

With a more hip-hop driven style ‘Undercover‘ plays next with a super fun mixing and sectioning, this single is a total vibe, full of hype and a very unique sound. ‘Hideaway‘ take over with a whistling and an EDM arrangement. The build up and beat drops in this single are very cool, and the rapping section totally fire.

Closing this mini-album is the single ‘Cloud 9‘ bringing a more groovy sound and amazing singing, the harmonies and ad-libs in this song are beautiful to listen to, and the full track is full of emotions. The perfect end for this debut EP.

Listen to this release here.

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