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[Review] Dream

In this week’s review we are talking about one of the latest productions added on Netflix, including an amazing star line-up, and a rather heartwarming story. Let’s talk about the movie ‘Dream’.

Written and directed by Lee Byeong-heon, ‘Dream’ shares the story of a professional football player and a bright producer, who are forced to work together in a very unconventional and unique project. 

From Player to Coach

Yoon Hong-dae (Park Seo-joon) is a professional football player, at the beginning of the film, he is going through several personal issues due to his mother’s behaviour, and the press does not hesitate to try and get more information on the issue. 

Due to his rising stress Hong-dae gets involved in an incident after the match, and he is put under disciplinary probation. As part of a scheme to clean his public image, he is forced to become the coach of the team for the upcoming Homeless World Cup, but what he doesn’t know is that this team includes very unique people. 

With the plan put in place, Hong-dae meets Lee So-min (Lee Ji-eun (aka IU)), a director who will be in charge of recording and editing his coaching journey, however, her plan is to make the documentary as successful as possible and make it the breakthrough of her career.

Homeless to football players

The line-up for the South Korean selection for the Homeless World Cup, includes individuals with interesting backgrounds, with a former businessman who lost everything, a guy with interesting sad stories and anger issues, a young man whose mission is to find his loved one, a father who’s only wish is to be with his daughter more time before she leaves with her mother, and many more individuals with unique background stories we get to know throughout this film.

While dealing with their own day to day issues, the team members try to give their best before going to the world cup, but life issues, injuries and unexpected situations keep happening to them in a quite comical way.

However, the most unexpected situation happens when the team goes to the world cup, and finds out that maybe they aren’t totally ready for what is coming to them.

Feel-Good Comedy

‘Dream’ is a feel-good comedy, with fun stories that makes it lighthearted despite a few deeper issues touched upon in the plot. The movie develops steadily, showing good character development and great acting.

Each one of the actors had a good story to tell, and that made this two-hour film entertaining, fun, and wholesome. This movie is available on Netflix, and you can watch the trailer below.

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