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[Review] CHEN – DOOR

Chen is back with his fourth mini-albuum ‘DOOR’. We’re expecting some killer vocals and stunning ballads, so let’s take a closer look!


My expectations were already met with the title track ‘Empty‘. I love concepts about the feeling of ‘home’ so I was immediately sold on this. In the album description they wrote this about the meaning: “lonely feelings of wandering in emptiness” and I just thought that was beautiful.

This video made me have a little cry.

Next up is ‘Dandelion’ and we’re staying with the beautiful piano lines. This is a bit more intimate and small in its instrumentation. It creates a lovely and vulnerable listening experience. “It contains the message that everyone is beautiful just by existing, just as the yellow flowers before the white dandelion seeds bloom are also beautiful.” The piano outro gave me goosebumps.

‘Playlist’ brings us to a little R&B moment. The track features HAON and BE’O. This is super laidback, a soft and especially smooth listen. What a great combination of vocals.

‘Fall In Love Again’ is a retro R&B track with a funky synth line and a cool beat. The bass is going places and I love how lighthearted this is. This is a lot of fun and brings some balance to the album.

We’re slowing down the BPM with ‘Starlight’. Nostalgia is key here and the instrumentals like the flugelhorn and the drums exemplify that perfectly.

The closing track is ‘Remember’ which brings some acoustic guitar in the mix we haven’t had yet on this album. This folk ballad is beautiful and suits Chen’s vocals really well.

Go ahead and listen to ‘DOOR’ by Chen on Spotify here.

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