[Review] ATEEZ – GOLDEN HOUR Part 1

ATEEZ is back to shake things up with their latest album ‘GOLDEN HOUR Part 1’. We’re super stoked because ATEEZ is an absolute power house. Let’s take a look!


We start off with ‘Golden Hour’ which is a super soft, otherworldly intro.

Next up is ‘Blind’. We’re going Latin inspired for this. Here’s part of the album description: “El amor es ciego’, love blinds everything and makes you willing to jump into the hot fire.” It’s a fire track with sick trumpets and a beat that will have you vibing in no time. The instrumental part goes hard and honestly this is just such a cool track!

After that comes the title track ‘WORK’. The hook for this was accidentally leaked and was all over my TikTok, so I knew right away this was going to be an absolute slay and a massive bop to boot.

The video just about killed me from laughter. I’ll be streaming this on the way to work while not really making purse – a little purse maybe, like a clutch.

‘Empty Box’ just about gave me whiplash from the dramatic mood change. We’re going for a soft pop ballad with warm instrumentation and stunning vocals.

After that comes ‘Shaboom’ which brings back the summer bop vibe with some Reggaeton. I love the switch up during the chorus because it’s so ATEEZ to suddenly throw heavy-ass EDM in there.

The closing track is ‘Siren’. We’re getting another rap track with a cool melodic hook building up in the pre-chorus. This is fire.

Overall ATEEZ really delivered with ‘Golden hour part 1’. They don’t miss.

Check it out here on Spotify.

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