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[Review] Apink – SELF

It’s been thirteen years since their debut! and the legends of Apink are back with their tenth mini-album ‘SELF‘.

Apink has never stopped surprising us come back after comeback, after a decade of being Kpop idols this group never stops amazing and surprising us every time. These queens can reinvent themselves like no other, and we are looking forward to listen to what the have prepared for this very special comeback.

Let’s dive in.


D N D‘ begins this release on a very bright note with a touch of synth pop. This single is the title track of this mini-album and brings a rather trendy sound and Apink unmatched vocals and their incredible musical chemistry. As if this title song could not get even better, the music video takes on a very optimistic and bright concept, and a heartfelt message, this MV is special for many reasons, so make sure to watch it below.

We move along with ‘Witcha‘ and its R&B and pop hybrid sound. With this song we get Apink’s flawless harmonies and a very fresh sound. The addition of instrumentals and sound effects throughout the single are very dope, and the bridge takes it all with its build up. This song is a BOP!

If you are up to listen to stunning instrumentals and impressive vocalisation ‘Me, Myself & I‘ takes over with a beautifully composed track, a very unique feel, and very much impressive constant sound build up. This track is one of those single that are a musical trip to listen to.

Going more hip-hop ‘Candy‘ comes along with a more urban and rather groovy style. The rapping is very cool and the back track just makes it better. This single is all about having a crush and being happy, and by just listening to it you can feel the excitement of the feel.

Last in this released is ‘I want you to be happy‘ with breathtaking orchestration and a very delicate and beautiful sound. This ballad goes straight to the heart with its emotional delivery and very soft style.

One again, Apink delivered a very solid mini album, they now what they are good at and for sure they showed it off. Make sure to check out this release here.

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