Photo Credits: FNC Entertainment


AMPERS&ONE is back with their second single album ‘ONE HEARTED’. It has been only four months since their debut, and we are curious to check what they have prepared. Let’s dive into the music.


The title track ‘Broken Heart‘ opens up this release with heavy bass, hip-hop beats and a touch of angst. This single leans on the hype-song style with a mix and arrangement that had us totally vibing to it. For the music video we get super sick shots, a lot of visuals effects and tight dance sequences. Check it below.

We go right into club banger with ‘Crazy Stupid Fun‘, this single is fun, with a great mixing and a flow that will have listeners wanting to hit the dance floor. If you are up for a cheerful single that will have you jamming non-stop, this one is for you.

Last in this single album is ‘Someday‘, ending this release with an easy pop style, the full composition in this track feels super sweet, easy and charming. The perfect closing song.

AMPERS&ONE second single album is a lovely mix of music, if you want to know what we are talking about, listen to this release here.

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