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[Review] Epik High – PUMP

The legends from EPIK HIGH are back with new music in their new album ‘PUMP‘, for this release they went with minimal features concept and Mithra, Tablo and DJ Tukutz, delivering music that we already know will hit us hard.

Let’s dive right in and check what they have prepared.


The intro track ‘PRETTY MUCH‘ kicks things off with grand piano instrumentals and a flawless violin progressing mixing into Tablo’s undeniable statement “(..)we are pretty much unbreakable.”

The title song ‘ANTIHERO‘ is next to take us back to core hip-hop, with insane beats and mixing met by Tablo’s and Mithra’s insane rapping flow. This single brings back EPIK HIGH’s OG vibes and we are living for it, totally EPIC (pun intended).

LATE CHECKOUT‘ comes up next with a fantastic beats and instrumental mix that blend flawlessly with each single bar, as usual they go off hard and totally delivered. With a interesting mix of lo-fi beats ‘K-DRAMA‘ takes over with a smooth progression, the full flow in this song is totally sick, with some amazing lyrical delivery and peak vibes in every single second of it!

GOOD RIDDANCE‘ serves as a little interlude with a very interesting classic music and beat mix and a skit that had us confused but laughing. ‘GROUP CHAT FREESTYLE‘ follows up, even though this song is short in comparison to the others, the rapping goes off, indeed giving the freestyle vibes.

We continue with lo-fi instrumentals and beats in ‘OK GOOD‘, the verses’ flow and minimalistic sound in this song is brilliant. The kept it simple and delivered a flawless and easy to listen track.

With ‘OFF DAY‘ we get minimal rapping, with the track taking over to deliver a fantastic listening experience. Last is ‘I WAS HAPPY‘ featuring Kim Jong Wan, closing this release with high emotions, a lovely piano riff and vocals that hit hard. This single is nostalgic and beautifully composed, it feels like a reminiscent of ‘Lullaby for a Cat’ and it is absolutely stunning.

EPIK HIGH once again delivered amazing music, in a solid album that reassured once more that every single time we wait for their music, they make it totally worth it.

Check this release here.

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