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Rapper In The Spotlight: Mokyo

This week’s feature for Rapper In The Spotlight is a multi talented artist who produces, writes and is even a tattoo artist. Today we will be talking about Mokyo.

The Performer

Choi Myung-hwan debuted officially under H1ghr Music in 2019. However, he has produced music for artists like pH-1, Jay Park, Loco and other hip hop artists under the name ‘Thurxday’ before this.

His debut track ‘Something’ wasn’t the convencional debut track, with R&B influence this co-written song is softer and more nostalgic in comparison to his produced songs, and the lyrics will make you shed a tear or two. 

“ (…) My life is painful
See, i just know
That you showed me
That love could be, One thing
I couldnt feel, I couldnt kill (…)”

Lyrics: Genius

His second single ‘Daddy’ is raw, dark, and emotional. This track has more lo-fi sound, with some lazy rapping style topped up by his singing voice. In the Genius website this track is described as being dedicated to people suffering from domestic violence, part of the lyrics goes as:

(…) Not once in my life
You were someone to cling to
Saying fuck your name
Saying you’re to blame
Saying run away
You wouldn’t make it (…)

Lyrics: Genius

In the same year he released his first mini-album ‘hold’. With four songs, this EP is raw, with a lot of lofi inspired sounds, and has a vibe that is rather chill but at the same time is an emotional listen. The title track ‘I’m an independent man’ has a sad and sentimental feel in it, and this style just goes really well with Mokyo’s voice. Watch the video below.

This year he released the song ‘Breath’ featuring DEAN and Rad Museum, and it is a gem of a song. Mokyo’s music style and DEAN and Rad Museum’s vocals are a mix made in heaven. Check it below.

During an Interview with pH-1 in the program ‘Soul Food’, Mokyo said that he decided not to renew his contract with H1ghr Music, however, he expressed how grateful he was with the labels and how he was working on a new album.

The Producer

Mokyo has produced plenty of songs for H1ghr Music artists. Below you can check out a few of our favourite songs produced by him and his collab with pH-1.

pH-1 – Escobar (feat. Owen Ovadoz)

G.Soul – Bad habit

pH-1 – Homebody

Jay Park – Dank

pH-1 – Malibu feat. The Quiett, Mokyo

If you want to find out more about Mokyo you can check out his Keynote interview here. You can listen to all his releases below and here is his Soundcloud where he uploaded a few singles that aren’t on his Spotify.

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