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Rapper In The Spotlight: BIG Naughty

In this week’s rapper in the spotlight we are sharing the career of one of H1GHR Music’s youngest talents, who has awed many with his charisma and skill. Today’s feature is BIG Naughty.

Show Me The Money 8

Seo Dong-hyun (aka. BIG Naughty) debuted officially in 2019 under the hip-hop label H1GHR Music. Before signing he was already known after his participation in ‘Show Me The Money 8’.

He gained both the public and judges’ attention with his mischievous and unique style. At just sixteen, BIG Naughty gained a lot of praise for his unique style. He made it to the semi-finals and was eliminated in that round, however, he left some extremely cool stages. Check them below.

  • A very unique audition.
  • The flawless beginning of the journey 
  • The very Savage diss battle 
  • TOP QUALITY semi-final stage
  • Honorable mentions


BIG Naughty’s first official release under H1GHR MUSIC was the remix version of ‘Where It All Started’ featuring Beenzino and Verbal Jint. 

His debut single was followed by the track ‘Sigh’ featuring Giriboy. This song follows a more R&B style with a nostalgic vibe that catches listeners’ attention from the get go. Check it below.

In 2020, he released along with his labelmates the H1GHR Music compilation albums ‘Red Tape’ and ‘Blue Tape’. For the second album, he had the solo single ‘LIVE’, you can check it below.

At the beginning of 2021, he dropped his first EP ‘Bucket List’, in this release he has some incredible features including GSoul, Paloalto, Wonstein, among others. 

Joker’, ‘Girl At The Coffee Shop’ and ‘Frank Ocean’ are must-listen tracks in this EP. BIG Naughty did an incredible job with this album and we are eager to listen to more music by him. 

His talent is incredible. 

Make sure to head over to BIG Naughty’s Spotify profile to listen to all his releases, and keep an eye on him, we are sure we will hear a lot more music from this young talent. 

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