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Queendom Puzzle – Episode 6 Recap

We are back with a new recap of Queendom puzzle, last week the Round 3 started and we got to see the performances for the vocal and rap round. We were left in a cliff hanger and we didn’t know which team won the first round, but this episode finally revealed it.

For the last round The Puzzle Team consisting of Riina, Sangah, Wooyeon, Jiwon and Jihan, took the win, giving their team three wins in a row.

The final stages for the All-Round-Battle were for the dance units, each team splitted into four different units.

Starting with The Queendom team, the first dance unit consisted of Dohwa, Miru, Seoyeon, Soojin, Jiwoo and Fye; the second one included Soeun, Elly, Yeonhee, JooE, Juri, Chaerin and Hwiseo.

For The Puzzle team, their first unit included Nana, Yeeun, Kei, Suyun, Sangah, Wooyeon, and the second one Bora, Yeoreum, Jiwon, Jihan, Zoa, Yuki and Riina.

Dance Battle

Before kicking off this round, the two teams had to face each other into a rap battle, and the winner would be able to choose the choreographies they want to perform from the four options given by the mentors.

The danced battle kicked off, and both teams got right into it to earn the chance to choose their choreography. This battle ended and The Puzzle team took the win. For their choreos they chose ‘WEB’ and ‘Bad Blood’, both very dark, femme fatale concept with difficult movements.

The Queendom team on their side ended with the two singles left ‘Overwater’ and ‘Glow-up’, both on the more groovy, soft and bouncy style.

All the teams got right into practicing for these stages, and after a few difficulties learning the choreographies, but relying on each other to get through the full preparation process, they were able to deliver impressive stages with unique colours and styles, and a lot of incredible and very creative dance moves.

The audience voted for all these stages, however, we weren’t able to see the results just yet. The winner for the All-Round-Battle will be announced next week, and unfortunately, five of the contestant will be dismissed in the following episode.

We are intrigued to see the final line-up for Queendom Puzzle, all the different members combination have been incredible, tell us which one has been your favourites in the comments below.