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Queendom Puzzle – Episode 4 Recap

Queendom aired its fourth episode. Last week they left us on a cliffhanger with the remix battles, but we finally get to see the rest of the performances in this episode. 

We got right into it with the Red Queen team, performing BLACKPINK’s single ‘Shut Down’, prior to the performance, the members had a couple of issues dividing the parts, but managed to reach an agreement. Their stage performance was powerful, they all had a very strong stage presence and stable vocals, however, we were surprised when we saw that their total score was 152.

Next up was the team that got voted the most likely to end at top. Soulmates team performed BoA’s classic ‘Only One’, this duo had issues with the physical touch that required the choreo, seen this, the choreographer suggested they tied their hands to bond more, they both agreed and hung out while being tied, they feed each other and had  a total bonding moment that was cute. 

After such an effort it was not surprising that their performance was totally breathtaking and beautiful, with powerful vocals and ethereal visuals. This performance got 184 points.

The Beauty Fox team took the stage next with SHINee’s hit song ‘Don’t Call Me’. Miroo had issues learning the choreo but Ye-eun helped her and even became her translator (wholesome!!). This stage was high in performance, stamina and stage presence. The solo dance, strong movements and continuous highlights made it a powerful stage. They got 201 points. 

The Under The C team was the last to perform for this round with TWICE’s summery single ‘Dance The Night  Away’. Bora and Yenhee wanted the same part and had to do a little performance for the member to vote, Bora ended up getting this part. 

This stage opened with Bora in a little bubble looking incredible, and the rest of the members came in to deliver the tropical vibe of this song. They all looked absolutely gorgeous on this stage. However, their score wasn’t revealed until after the audience left. 

We received the current ranking first. 

1 – Nxde
2 – Fighting
3 – Don’t Call Me
4 – Only One
5 – Shut Down

The final result is as follows:

1 – Nxde
2 – Fighting
3 – Don’t Call Me
4 – Only One
5 – Shut Down
6 – Dance The Night Away

The 20 000 benefit points will be given to the members who performed ‘Nxde’. 

Clips from a lot of the participants were shown where they mentioned that they didn’t have a lot of idol friends. We also saw clips of them bonding and becoming friends so the show does have a positive influence on the participants’ lives. 

Yeonhee then gets led to a mysterious rooftop. All of the members are invited to the rooftop for some Healing Time. 

Yeonhee and Kei, both sitting at the center of two tables, opened the mysterious mission cards that invited the members to have fun and relax. Delicious food was brought out for everyone to enjoy. 

All-Rounder Battle

Taeyeon appeared on a big TV to explain the next battle. There are two teams: Queendom Team and Puzzle Team. The All-Rounder Battle will leave the winners with another 20 000 points. The teams were formed in front of the live audience. 

Taeyeon pulled out names from a box and everyone had to choose whether they wanted to be in a team with Yeonhee or Kei. 

There will be five rounds with five different performances. 

The Remix Battle winners received a gift. They got a massive batch of Korean beef. There was also a gift voucher where they could recruit members of the other team. The four of them had to pick a number in the order to choose or drop members. 

Jihan went first. She wanted to recruit Hwiseo in the Puzzle Team. 

Dohwa recruited Hwiseo back to the Queendom Team. 

Jiwoo from TripleS was recruited by Nana into the Puzzle Team. 

Suyun chose Yuki of Purple Kiss to switch into the Puzzle Team. 

Currently the Queendom Team has 11 members whereas the Puzzle Team has 15. There still had to be a reshuffle as each team had to consist of 13 members. The members had to list the members in order of importance and two of the members would be expelled. 

Nana had to read out the names. The expelled members were Jiwoo and Soojin. 

Jiwoo and Soojin ended up in the Queendom Team. Soojin was heartbroken as she had heard someone say her name during voting. The Queendom Team welcomed her with loud cheers so you could see the smile slowly return on her face. It was absolutely heartwarming. 

This is the final line-up of the two teams.

The songs for Round 1 are ‘Weekend’ by Taeyeon, ‘Graduation’ by 10cm and ‘Rush Hour’ by Crush and J.Hope. The two teams have to choose 1 song each. Both teams wanted ‘Rush Hour’, so much so they ended up knocking over the board. The Puzzle Team ended up winning it. The Queendom Team chose ‘Weekend’ by Taeyeon.

For Round 2 the songs were ‘If we ever meet again’ by Lim Young Woong, D.O. ‘s solo song and ‘Hopeless Romantic’ by BIG Naughty. The Puzzle Team chose ‘If we ever meet again’ and the Queendom Team chose ‘Hopeless Romantic’.

The options for Round 3 were ‘Time of our life’ by DAY6, ‘Set me free’ by TWICE, ‘Event Horizon’ by Younha or ‘Wannabe’ by ITZY. The Puzzle Team chose ‘Wannabe’ and the Queendom Team chose ‘Time of our life’. 

For the dance performance they had to choose two songs. All from original tracks created for the show. 

The Performance Directors SIMEEZ, Choi Youngjun and RyuD of Auspicious crew are back. The options are ‘Bad Blood’, ‘Overwater’, ‘Web’, ‘Glow Up’. The girls had to do a dance battle to choose their two songs. 

Bora decided to go first as everyone had some anxiety about going first. She went all in and it was hilarious. Yeonhee from the Queendom Team decided to go next. But we’ll see that in next week’s episode.