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Queendom 2 – Episode 7 Recap

The latest episode of ‘Queendom’ has aired, so let’s take a look at what happened in our recap. If you want to take a look at our recap of episode 6, you can click here.

Last week we saw the vocal units perform. MNET left us on a cliff hanger and didn’t show us the ranking of the performances. This time they showed footage of all the units in a compilation. We got to see extra footage of the groups interacting while prepping for the performances. 

The final ranking of the vocal units is as follows;

1) Milky way who embraced the universe
2) 33
3) Sun and Moon

We see all the groups comfort their dancers who still have to perform. They’re all looking quite stressed as a lot is riding on their shoulders. 

Dance Units

KEV1Z – ‘Purr’

KEV1Z consists of the girls from Kep1er and VIVIZ. The members were guided by Honey J of HolyBang from Street Woman Fighter. KEV1Z’ goal is to be in first place. The girls dressed in purple tracksuits to appeal to Honey J as the official HolyBang color is purple.

Umji was struggling a bit during practice. Hikaru helped her out a lot and the interactions were adorable.

The performance was really cool and showed the talent of the members. The Hip-Hop inspired dances were sick and the charisma was top notch.

Ex-it – ‘Ka-Boom’

Hyolyn goes back to visit Starship Entertainment, which is her previous company. It is also the current company WJSN is under. 

For this stage they decided on a Neon Villain Concept, with a lot of style and the dance crew La Chica backing them up. The dance practice for this team went smoothly and they also had a lot of bonding time and even spoke about their adversities while eating some yummy food. Absolutely adorable. 

This stage was full of power, and a lot of stage presence, they all got to shine individually but also show off their chemistry as a group. This choreography was sharp and full of swag.

I’m the Queen – ‘Desire’

For this unit we got to see Brave Girls’ Eunji visit the Blockberry Creative company, and the LOONA members showing her around. Once we got to the dance practice Monika from PROUDMON came to assess the situation, and as expected they got some tough love but excellent coaching.

Monika helped the members a lot with their facial expressions, positions and visuals of the stage. This unit really went above and beyond for this task.

Down to the stage I’m the Queen surprised the audience with Black and White Theme and femme fatale vibe. The choreography of this team was sexy and sharp, their R&B song suited their vibe so well and just made the performance even more powerful. 

The pace changes and visuals of this stage was incredible, and it showed a completely new side of them. Their hard work totally paid off.

The results 

For this round the dance team raking ended up with:

  1. I’m the Queen 
  2. Ex-It 
  3. Kev1z 

That’s it for this recap of episode 7 of ‘Queendom 2’.

For the next episode the competition is intensifying, everyone wants the first place, and the next round looks fearless and extra powerful. See you next week with a brand new recap.