Photo Credits: Armada Entertainment

ONE PACT Makes a Striking Comeback with ‘PARADOXX’

ONE PACT returns with a bang in their first single album ‘PARADOXX.’ Despite Jay’s absence due to his commitments with project group B.D.U., we are sure that Jongwoo, Seongmin, TAG, and Yedam have prepared an unforgettable experience for fans. Let’s dive in!

The title track, ‘FXX OFF,’ opens the album with a stunning piano instrumental that seamlessly transitions into a dynamic hip-hop anthem. The impressive vocals and rap performance, coupled with incredible sound design, create a powerful listening experience. The mixing and musical build-up elevate the track, making it an extraordinary and refreshing addition to ONE PACT’s discography. Although the official music video hasn’t been released yet, you can catch a glimpse of what’s to come by watching the teaser below.

Following this is ‘DEJAVU,’ which leaves a strong impression with its solid sound and expertly crafted layering. The standout ad-libs and electrifying beat drops blend perfectly with the vocal and rap sections, showcasing the group’s versatility and talent.

The album concludes with ‘PERIOD,’ a heartfelt track featuring a lovely acoustic guitar. As the song progresses, it becomes even more emotional with a beautiful mix of instrumentals and beats. This single was pre-released last week along with a self-made video that exudes nostalgia and captures the essence of the song. Watch it below.

‘PARADOXX’ is a compelling addition to ONE PACT’s musical journey, filled with emotion, innovation, and impressive performances. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this talented group. Make sure to listen to this amazing single album and stay tuned for the official music video releases!

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