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Ode To The Artist: Park Won

We’re back with a new Ode to the artist, this time about the balladeer Park Won. If you like interesting lyrics and great vocals, keep on reading.


Park Won debuted in 2010 in the duo One More Chance together with Jung Ji Chan. 

The duo released a couple of singles and 2 extended plays. The last single they released was in 2015.

His first solo release was the regular album ‘Like A Wonder’ which was released at the end of 2015. The title track featured Lee Euna. It’s a great rock inspired ballad with a bit of a Western twang to it. It’s dope.

Park Won released his second album, a year later in 2016. ‘1/24’ with the title track ‘Try’ is the one that catapulted him to stardom. If you want a good cry, turn on the captions. 

After that he released the single ‘Don’t Wait For Your Love’ featuring Suzy.

In 2017 he also came out with the EP ‘0M’.

His next EP ‘r’ has been one of my favorites for the LONGEST time. It’s such an insanely good, depressing listen. It’s great. I literally featured this title track as the music video recommendation two years ago. 

His last three singles all have a very interesting story. The first one is the ‘My fxxxxx romance’ both part 1 and 2 which shares the stories of different kinds of love. 

The other single ‘You’re Free’ has its own heartbreaking story.

Interestingly enough the song series ‘My fxxxxx romance’ got its own Webseries you can watch here.


Since Park Won has such an amazing voice it’s no surprise that he has a bunch of fantastic soundtracks as well. He has OSTs for ‘Mr. Sunshine’, ‘It’s okay to not be okay’ and more.

Lastly you can find Park Won on Spotify here and on Instagram here

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