Photo credits: Dreamcatcher

[Review] Dreamcatcher – VirtuouS

The girls from Dreamcatcher are back with their latest mini-album ‘VirtuouS’. We are beyond stoked because Dreamcatcher is one of our favorite girl groups. Let’s go!


We start off with ‘Intro : 7’ Dreamcatcher’. This is probably one of their longest intros they’ve ever had. We’re being swept off our feet and into a story where they defeat the Villains from their previous album. The rock guitar is absolutely insane and creates a unique ambience.

Next up is ‘JUSTICE’ which is their title track. This is a super solid rock track with killer guitars and a really cool progression. I liked the transition between the verses and the balance between the rap line and the vocals. The chorus is super solid and begs to sing along to.

I’m absolutely loving the imagery in this music video. I’m also obsessing over the make-up.

STΦMP!’ follows that up. We join our young hero as he becomes the next warrior. I like this line from the album description: “The figure of the hero who rolls forward without look back is expressed with a strong rock sound.” This is another killer rock track and I cannot imagine how awesome this must be during a concert where you have the entire audience chanting ‘stomp’. That’d be so badass.

The next track is ‘2 rings’.  We’re going for pop punk in this one with a sick guitar in the backing track and I love the chorus. The small descending audio bite is awesome.

The closing track is ‘Fireflies’. We’re going for a soft ballad as the closing track. This feels like the OST of a Chinese fairytale drama. It’s beautiful, their vocals are stunning and this piano line is honestly out of this world. The harmonies are everything.

You can go ahead and check out the mini-album ‘VirtuouS’ by Dreamcatcher on Spotify here.

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