Photo Credits: AndBut Company

Youngjae Returns with Summery Vibes in New Digital Single Album ‘TPO’

Youngjae is back with a refreshing new release, the digital single album ‘TPO’. The title, an acronym for “Time,” “Place,” and “Occasion,” signifies that “This moment, this moment with you, here, is perfect” (Source: MELON).

The title track, ‘TPO’, captures the essence of this theme with a summery pop sound, featuring lovely trumpet sections and an uplifting tempo that feels like a boost of serotonin. The music video complements the song perfectly with its candid and wholesome shots.

Following this is ‘Summer Happening’, another delightful pop single. This track shines with its amazing band instrumentals and an indie summer vibe, featuring bright, season-appropriate vocals that elevate the song’s charm.

Youngjae’s digital single album ‘TPO’ is a wonderful summery soft-pop release, showcasing a bright and soft side of his musical talent. Both singles are fantastic, and we thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing side of Youngjae. Be sure to check out this release and soak in the summer vibes!

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