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Hot Singles of the Week

Welcome back to a brand new week of the latest single releases. This week brings a diverse mix of tracks that promise to take you on a fantastic listening journey.

The week kicked off with Jay Park dropping his single album ‘Jay Park Season 2’, featuring the smooth R&B track ‘Taxi Blurr’ with NATTY from KISS OF LIFE. If you’re into sultry beats, smooth vocals, and a laid-back vibe, this song is a must-listen.

The latest virtual K-POP girl group PINKVERSE made their debut with the single album ‘[PINKVERSE: Call Devil]’. Their title track ‘Call Devil’ showcases impressive vocals and a great build-up, proving that even virtual groups can deliver powerful performances.

UKISS made a heartfelt comeback with their single ‘Beautiful You Are’. This track is filled with delicate singing and beautiful harmonies, a true gift for their fans and a direct hit to the heart.

Wrapping up the week, the new project group WATERFIRE debuted with their single ‘Possible’. Comprising Choi Suhwan, Kang Hayoon, Sunyoul, and Wumuti—all participants from the survival program ‘Build Up’, with Wumuti also appearing in ‘Boys Planet’—this single is a showcase of vocal prowess, delicate instrumentals, and deep emotions

That’s a wrap for this week’s single releases! Let us know in the comments which single stole your heart and made it to your playlist. 

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