Photo Credits: 0WAVE


This week’s music video recommendation is all about smooth music, artsy aesthetics with a hipster touch, wonderful edition and camera work. Let’s dive into VIIN’s MV for ‘NON-STOP‘.

Formerly known as Ha Yoonbin, after his participation in the YG Entertainment survival show ‘Treasure Box‘ in 2018-2019. VIIN rebranded and is part of the crew 0WAVE. 

NON-STOP’ is part of his debut solo EP ‘THE CAR’, if you still haven’t listened to this release, make sure to listen to it here, and get ready for angst, hip-hop and feels.

The single ‘NON-STOP’ by itself is a rather trippy but smooth listen. VIIN’s flow mixed with the vocals of the feature Eddie, is a brilliant combination that definitely makes this video an even better watch.

Playing with colors and filters, this music video takes viewers into a trippy journey, with a lot of first person angles, and rather organic sequences in black and white. The special element in this production is the fantastic use of transitions and speed, joined by the precise camera angles and awesome zooms.

If you want to know what we are talking about, watch this music video below.

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