Photo Credits: YG Entertainment

MV Rec: Taeyang – DARLING

Let’s go back to 2017 for today’s MV Rec, featuring Taeyang and his song ‘Darling’. 

This track goes straight to the feels when listening to it. Taeyang delivers the emotion and connects with fans with his singing. 

The music video for this song, just as the track is full of emotions and Taeyang’s acting really makes it even more heartfelt. This music video was filmed in several locations, but the location in Alaska really sells it with the stunning landscapes that go well with the feeling of this track.

This music video is emotional and every scene, especially the sand storm, works towards making the viewers and listeners get into the lyrics and instrumentation. 

If you haven’t listened to or watched this gem check it below, and to listen to Taeyang’s ‘White Night’ album, click here.

Kathleen Herrera
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