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(Vol.16) November 25, 2022

[= (NEUN)]


release date: November 16, 2022

Kpop Unlimit+er’s new chapter!

JUST B, the brightest star from the 4th generation of K-pop boy groups, is back with their new mini album [= (NEUN)]. They start their new story of “Equality” through the message “We added me to YOU.” after their ‘Rage’ series. This album is filled with a year of the boys’ growth and is also expected to continue to provide unique musical concepts through collaboration with composers, producers and choreographers who participated in many K-pop artists works such as NU’EST and Seventeen. It already scored their career-high sales with more than 51,000 copies within the first week of the release.

As this album [= (NEUN)] opens the door to a new series, the story line is solidified with five tracks.

The title song [ME= ] blends various genre of Rock, hip-hop, and Reggae in harmony under the theme of “Equality” so that the listeners never get bored.

It announces the beginning of the album with ‘DOMINO’, a powerful guitar-leaf-based song, and captures the ears of listeners with the R&B track ‘Ready or Not’. The 4th and 5th tracks include the hip-hop based sweet love song ‘Cherry on Top’ and the second fan song ‘Night Stroll’. Check these charming tracks on the highlight medley below.

⬇️This is the highlight! ✨

⬇️Don’t miss JUST B’s relay dance as well!🔥


J Rabbit

release date: November 24, 2022

They’re always with our life’s journey.

J Rabbit is the acoustic pop duo who’s steadily loved for about 12 years by melting into the daily life with cute and warm songs such as ‘Your Days’ and ‘Happy Things’. The warm lyrics and lively music is perfect to be loved by all ages.

During the 2010s, their live videos were hot on YouTube. Jung Hye-sun’s cute facial expressions, beautiful voice and Jung Da-woon’s performance as a multi-instrumentalist, attracted the listeners. 

For years, J Rabbit worked on various soundtracks of TV series such as “Wise Doctor Life” and “Record of Youth”, but it was hard to see them on TV or shows. They’re finally back with a remake album [RESTORE : A] that shows gratitude for the normal life to come back after pandemic. Feel the warmth delivered by the piano melody and beautiful voice.

This album contains the most loved tracks’ – ‘We’re In Love’, ‘Dozy Dozy’, ‘The Hope In My Life’, and ‘Asking Tomorrow’ – remake versions. While the original songs are bubbly, cute and refreshing, the remake versions are more mature and comforting. 

Excluding project albums or soundtracks, it has been a long time since releasing original music, so the old fans will be happy to see them back. J Rabbit hinted that in the future it’ll be able to meet more often with new music!

⬇️During the 2010s, everyone in Korea were obsessed with their live videos on YouTube. They were definitely Korea’s Kurt Hugo!

⬇️J Rabbit opened their official YouTube Channel!

Go check their 2022 ver. live videos🎙️ 

[Madame Coucou Vol.2]


release date: November 25, 2022

U.BAR.E presents jazzed up children songs for the ones who need heal.

U.BAR.E is a talented jazz based singer-songwriter who travels between Korea and France. She began music by learning piano at the age of 6. Loving the French culture, U.BAR.E decided to move to France, and learned the language and music there. After returning to Korea, she got a big opportunity to participate in “The Voice FRANCE” to go back to perform in France. She was the first Asian to appear on “The Voice FRANCE” and was chosen by MIKA to perform a duet. She showed a piano performance of Pink Martini’s ‘Sympathetic’ and her soft voice and mastery of the piano made the super star MIKA turn around! After the big event, U.BAR.E has been invited to perform at the Korean Embassy in France as well as various performances and festivals hosted by the Cultural Department of the French Embassy in Korea.

Following the previous album, which was a ‘jazzed up’ French nursery rhymes album, [Madam Cuckoo Vol.2] is an album filled with English nursery rhymes. The big band and wind instrument arrangement adds perfection to the album. The fun fact is that the children of the musicians who worked with the song, has participated in the chorus. U.BAR.E says that all inspiration for the arrangements came from children. The songs are fun and easy to listen to, not only for children but also for adults. The instruments and characters are all alive in the music, there’ll be no time to get bored!

⬇️The lyric video of the pre-released single🐘👻

⬇️Check MIKA’s reaction and duet stage on “The Voice FRANCE”

⬇️U.BAR.E covered MIKA’s ‘Elle me dit’ with the message below😝

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Check more ‘MUST-LISTEN-TO’ indie releases here!

🎵JHWA – lonely

🎵Ye Ram – End of the World

🎵Jiyoungssi – LIGHT

🎵Xeuda – Embrace my shadow, Please


by 10 to 4

⬆️The song is about miscommunication. 10 to 4 came up with the idea while attending school, taking a lecture about Social Medias and Fake News based on smart phones. She realized that it takes much time and effort to send the sincere feelings to someone. Check how she sends her love, and enjoy the Net Art-like aesthetics!


‘J’LEA’, the older sister of ‘Huening Kai’ from ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER’ and ‘Huening Bahiyyih’ from ‘Kep1er’, and also an all-round entertainer, is releasing an sweet song in English.

Coming Soon on November 29, 2022

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