Photo Credits: LiveNow / RBW

MAMAMOO rocks the LiveNow Stage

MAMAMOO announced their first online concert and we couldn’t miss the chance to watch these four girls rock the stage.

The concert, broadcasted by LiveNow, started off with shots showing MAMAMOO preparing for the concert. We could see the girls talk about the setlist and practicing their moves. As usual they gave it their all during the practice and also on stage.

Photo Credits: LiveNow / RBW

The gig started with ‘Dingga’ opening the show and setting the mood for the rest of the concert, hyping up listeners and putting a smile on listeners’ faces. The set for the first half of the gig was inspired by a New York vintage loft, with cool lightning and great camera work. The girls were wearing blue jeans and white tops with some killer combat boots. 

The concert continued on with a cuteness overload with ‘Waggy’. MAMAMOO officialy welcomed the viewers and had a little Q&A session. It was lovely and felt very casual and natural. They followed that up by performing ‘Um Oh Ah Yeah’, to then transition into a new stage concept with the member rocking grunge/rock looks.

Photo Credits: LiveNow / RBW

Second half

‘Gogobebe’ was the next song on the setlist, but this time the members delivered the rock version of this hit song and we loved it. The awesome electric guitar, drums, and the full arrangement of this version was incredible. It was hella cool and we need this version on Spotify like yesterday. A ten out of ten.

Next were the songs ‘Hip’ where we got to see some back up dancers and ‘Decalcomanie’, and right after these two tracks the camera took us upstairs to the rooftop, guided by the sultry tones of some killer harmonizing. 

Photo Credits: LiveNow / RBW

‘AYA’ opened up this stage, and the members had an outfit change with a more oriental touch, and a stunning belt that had a lovely ornament attached to it. 

‘Egotistic’ and ‘Starry Night’ closed off this concert on a high note, and we just wished it had lasted longer. 

Overall the concert was well-balanced. However we would have loved it if the setlist had included a couple of ballads, especially for the set on the rooftop. That would have been an emotional overflow. We also thought that it would have been awesome if they had had a solo stage as well, considering that Whee In recently released her solo EP ‘Redd’. But they might just be saving that for a bigger impact during an actual concert. 

In the end we had the chance to see 10 incredibly live songs while also supporting the artists. So that seems like a win-win situation. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!