Legends Never Die and So Does Their Music

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Legends Never Die and So Does Their Music

Heo Hoy Kyung, Korea’s representative rookie singer-songwriter, loved by the songs ‘Kim Cheolsu Story’ and ‘So life goes on’.

She is back with the remake version of Lee So Ra‘s hit ‘Small Talk About Everything(시시콜콜한 이야기)’ released in 2004. The song has a unique form, it’s a phone call between So Ra and a friend, talking about her tough relationship with ‘Yoon-oh’, apparently her boyfriend. Many artists, including IU, covered the song but this is the first official remake of the song in 20 years.

‘Small Talk About Everything’ is reborn in Heo Hoy Kyung’s calm but clear voice with minimal piano and strings.

 Lee So Ra – Small Talk About Everything (2004)

Heo said, “I listened to this music so many times since I was really young. It’s such an honor that I could remake this in my own voice.”

Legends never die, and so does their music. Even after 20 years, these songs can be discovered and reborn by new artists. Take a look at the remake singles released from last year. I recommend you to listen to it with the original versions!

Shin Ji Hoon – Falling in Love is like the Spring Rain, Parting is like the Winter Rain
– Lim Hyun Jung (2003)

Mingginyu – White night
– Zitten (2011)

Grizzly – Come Back To Me
– SE7EN (2003)

Heo Hoy Kyung – Small Talk About Everything
– Lee So Ra (2004)

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Mingginyu – your cold hand (Band Ver.)
– A song has a power to hug people.

cotoba – away home
– The sad legend of a baby polar bear.

Mio Si – Dear Tree
– “I love your dry greenness”

Youngjun – Home
– “You are my only home and shelter”

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Song Ji Eun, former member of K-Pop girl group Secret, is back with a cover of Jang Na Ra’s 20 years-old song ‘Confession’.

Song has recently announced that she is in a relationship with YouTuber WERACLE (Park We), known to have a lower body paralysis. She is appearing frequently on the channel.

It’s been a while since she has released her own single. After 3 and a half year hiatus, she is back with a song which is familiar to people. Her voice reminds you of Jang Na Ra’s in her 20s. 

Click here for the video.

Song Ji Eun’s ‘Twenty-Five’ tops the charts every start of the year since all the ‘twenty-fives’ listen to this as the first song of the year. Take a look at this beautiful artist, which really matches the lyrics – “Beautiful age 25, beautiful age 25”.

After releasing ‘Confession’, she is on the cover artist of Spotify ‘K-Idol Ballad Hits’ playlist.

[Live] Song Ji Eun – Confession

Jang Na Ra – Confession(2004)