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Label Deep Dive: KQ Entertainment

We’re starting a brand new series called Label Deep Dive where we take a closer look at the entertainment companies. This time we’re starting with KQ Entertainment. 

Our writers have been rather obsessed by ‘KINGDOM: Legendary War’. You might have noticed if you’ve read our Recaps about each episode. ATEEZ has been thoroughly impressing us with their performances. Yes, I’m still talking about that Kraken moment. 

KQ Entertainment

The agency was founded in 2016 by Kim Gyu Uk. The start of the company was in 2013 when Kim Gyu Uk created Seven Seasons for the group Block B after they left Stardom Entertainment. 

So for the first three years, they existed as Seven Seasons, until they created the parent company KQ Entertainment in 2016. Seven Seasons became a sub-label of KQ solely to manage Block B. 

They also have the second subsidiary KQ Produce to manage their songwriters and producers. 


R&B singer Babylon was the first to sign in 2016. You might know his song ‘Drive’. It was produced by EDEN.

EDEN we’ve spoken about before in our episode of DisKovery With A K. He’s an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and producer. He signed with KQ Entertainment in 2017. Also in the same year they also signed Heo Young Saeng though Heo left the company in 2020.

In 2018 KQ Entertainment debuted their first idol group, ATEEZ. The company did such a great job with the promotion of them pre-debut. I think pretty much everyone has seen the KQ Fellaz performance videos. We even featured them in our Dance Choreos you should check out. 

About one year later in 2019, they debuted the artist MADDOX, who is another brilliant R&B artist. Check out feature on his latest release here.

That’s about it for the entertainment company KQ Entertainment. It’s very interesting to see the music style that they lean towards. The producer EDEN works closely with ATEEZ and has worked on most of their discography. 

Lastly we’re definitely curious to see how the company grows with the success of their artists. Go ahead and check out the website of KQ Entertainment here.

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