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Label Deep Dive: Coridel Entertainment

We’re back with a new Label Deep Dive, this time we’re taking a closer look at Coridel Entertainment.

The entertainment company was founded in 2015 by Tyler Kwon. Cordidel Entertainment is a subsidiary of the American Coridel Group which is a global alternative asset manager.

The label has both singers and actors signed with them. Most famously, Jessica Jung signed with the company in 2016 after her split from SM Entertainment.

The label also has the girl group Playback signed with them, though they haven’t released any new music since 2017. Three of the members: Hayoung, Yujin, and Woolim signed with different companies since then. Yun-ji and Eun-jin are still signed to Coridel.

R&B star Jeff Bernat is also signed with the label.

His single ‘Sweet Nothing’ featuring Sam Wills came out three weeks ago!

You can read more about Coridel on their official website here.

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