Kwon Eunbi drops summer bop ‘Sabotage’

Queen Kwon Eunbi is back with her latest single album ‘Sabotage’. We’re stoked because Eunbi has been dropping hit after hit.

The single album contains three tracks and starts off with the title track ‘Sabotage‘. We’re going Euro House for this one and it’s a bop. I dig the retro vibe with the 80s synths.

Next up is ‘Unnatural’. We’re going so classy for this one with a rich vintage sound. Eunbi’s vocals suit R&B so well! This is smooth like an old red wine. I’m thoroughly enjoying the guitars in this.

The closing track is ‘Bad Blood’. This time we’re getting a blend of Afrobeats with a Latin rhythm. I’m obsessed with the layering of the instrumentals and the trumpet that came in at one point. This is such a fun track!

Go listen to ‘Sabotage’ by Kwon Eunbi on Spotify here.

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